Training provided to Ukrainian soldiers by European nations significantly enhances Ukraine's military capabilities in its conflict with Russia. This training, which focuses on advanced warfare tactics, is essential for Ukraine's success.


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Alexandra Chinchilla and Jahara Matisek writing for the USA's Foreign Affairs magazine, note the following:
  1. European countries have actively supported Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.
  2. European efforts go beyond providing aid and equipment, including crucial training and advisory programs.
  3. The United Kingdom trained about 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers in 2022, while the United States trained about 3,100.
  4. Every EU country, except Austria and Switzerland, has provided some aid and training to the Ukrainian military.
  5. NATO countries, including Canada, Lithuania, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the United States, trained and advised Ukrainian forces between 2014 and 2022.
  6. Ukrainian forces have successfully defended much of Ukrainian territory and thwarted Russia's 2022 invasion.
  7. Ukrainian forces have absorbed irregular warfare tactics from Western advisers and used conventional military tactics to halt Russian offensives.
  8. Continuous training is essential for Ukraine's long-term success in the war.
  9. Ukraine needs specialised training in advanced weapons systems it has received from the West.
  10. Coordinating large forces and firepower in combined arms maneuver is crucial for Ukraine's upcoming spring offensive.
  11. European countries are hosting and providing basic combat training for new Ukrainian recruits.
  12. European countries provide specialised weaponry training like Leopard tanks and air defence systems.
  13. Europe is supplying about half of the advanced training needed for larger Ukrainian formations to master maneuver warfare.
  14. Ukraine's offensive to recapture Russian-occupied territory will depend heavily on training.
  15. The geographic proximity of Europe makes it ideally positioned to provide ongoing support to Ukraine.
  16. Europe's support is vital for converting civilians into capable soldiers through training courses.
  17. Training at various levels, from squads to battalions, will give Ukrainian forces the agility and speed to overcome Russia's war of attrition.
  18. Ukraine's success in regaining territory relies on training and the challenges it faces.
  19. Europe's contribution to training is crucial for Ukraine's war effort.
  20. Recognising the importance of training and how it is being addressed today is essential to understanding Ukraine's hidden advantage.
Please also note The following:
Australia Training Ukrainian Recruits’ Tactical, Survivability Skills in the UK (
  1. Australian Army trains Ukrainian recruits in tactical and survivability skills in the UK as part of Operation Kudu.
  2. Led by the Royal Australian Regiment 5th Battalion, training focuses on section attacks, patrolling, and ambush techniques.
  3. The training aims to increase survivability and instil teamwork in Ukrainian recruits, receiving positive feedback and gratitude.
  4. Recruits undergo challenging training in sub-zero temperatures before returning to Ukraine.


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