Greg Beyer argues that Montgomery, Paton, Rommel, Zhukov, Guderian, MacArthur, and von Manstein were the seven most talented generals of World War II—who utilised all the capabilities available to them to achieve outcomes. However, a list that does not include Eisenhower, Allanbrooke and Marshal could be considered deficient.


Greg Beyer writing in the Collector, makes the following points concerning 7 WW2 generals:
  • Montgomery (UK): Cautious, methodical, and loathe to waste his men's lives- defeated Rommel.
  • Patton (USA): "Old Blood and Guts," aggressive, competent, controversial, and popular with his men—influential at the Battle of the Bulge.
  • Rommel (Nazi Germany): The "Desert Fox," famed among the Allies, ability to capitalise on opportunities.
  • Georgy Zhukov (USSR): The most crucial Soviet commander was talented and had good logistical skills.
  • Guderian (Nazi Germany): Pioneered "Blitzkrieg" tactics, used tanks en masse, circumvented.
  • MacArthur (USA): Emphasised speed and mobility in amphibious and air force operations using an "island-hopping" strategy.
  • Manstein (Nazi Germany): Talented general, instrumental in attacking France through Low Countries,

However, this list is just one writer's opinion and Eisenhower is a serious omission. At the higher strategic levels, Brooke and Marshall were extremely able generals. 


Source Information: The Collector