In 1962 during the Cold War, the USSR (Russia) attempted to place nuclear missiles in Cuba—the USA saw this as a direct threat to the USA.


Julian Borger writing in the Guardian, makes the following points:
  •  The USA then blockaded Cuba; however, the Russian navy still attempted to run the blockade.
  • A Russian submarine was part of the task force that attempted to run the USA blockade of Cuba.
  • The submarine commander lost his nerve and, convinced they were under attack, wanted to launch a nuclear-tipped torpedo at US naval forces.
  • Three officers needed to approve the launch of a nuclear-tipped torpedo.
  • The third officer, the submarine brigade’s chief of staff, understood that the US forces were signalling.
  • He was not prepared to authorise a launch of a nuclear-tipped torpedo.
  • The Cuba crisis was resolved by Russia removing nuclear missiles from Cuba and the USA removing nuclear missiles from Turkey.



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