In 1939 the Finns did not collapse when the Soviet Union invaded their country; despite overwhelming odds, the Finns put up spirited resistance— as a result, the Finns were able to remain an independent country.


This article by Gordon F. Sander from the Washington Post makes the following points:
  • Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin invaded Finland with a massive land, air and sea assault.
  • He and foreign observers thought it would be a walkover.
  • However, just like the Russian attack invasion of Ukraine, the Finns (army of about 300,000) did not collapse.
  • The Finnish Air Force and ski troops wrought havoc among the poorly trained Red Army troops.
  • By bogging down the Soviet Army, Stalin and the world knew the Finns kept their independence.
  • Newspapers trumpeted a Soviet Failure.
  • The US provided financial support and moral support.
  • It took 100 days for the Finns to sue for peace, infuriating Stalin.
  • Finland retained its independence but gave up 10 per cent of its territory, forcing the relocation of over 400,000 people.
  • 25,000 Finns were killed.
  • Around 250,000 Soviets.
  • Finns remember the Winter War as their finest hour.