The RAAF's role in the Vietnam War, specifically the critical contribution of No. 9 Squadron helicopters during the Battle of Long Tan.


Key Points:
  1. The battle of Long Tan was a significant engagement for the Australian Army in the Vietnam War.
  2. D Company of the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR) fought against a much larger enemy force.
  3. The Australian group of 108 men was outnumbered by an estimated 2500 enemy troops.
  4. RAAF helicopters from No. 9 Squadron played a crucial role in supporting D Company.
  5. Major Harry Smith, the D Company commander, requested combat air support and ammunition resupply.
  6. Initially, the weather conditions prevented immediate air support and resupply.
  7. Group Captain Peter Raw, the Task Force Air Support Commander, hesitated due to the severe conditions.
  8. Flight Lieutenant Bruce Lane advised that the mission should be attempted despite the risks involved.
  9. Two Iroquois helicopters were loaded with ammunition and guided by another Iroquois.
  10. The helicopters successfully delivered the ammunition to D Company's position, aiding their survival in the battle.


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