For the military professional reading military history is important because it provides valuable lessons, insights, and context for strategic thinking and decision-making in modern warfare.


  1. Learn from history: Gain valuable insights into effective strategies, tactics, and leadership principles from past conflicts.
  2. Understand the geopolitical landscape: Cultivate a deep understanding of the broader context to assess threats and make informed decisions.
  3. Foster strategic thinking and anticipation: Proactively plan and adapt strategies to anticipate challenges and achieve desired outcomes.
  4. Connect with heritage and identity: Draw inspiration and motivation from military achievements to strengthen commitment and purpose.
  5. Apply historical lessons: Improve outcomes by analyzing past conflicts, learning from mistakes, and applying successful strategies to present-day military operations.



  • Supreme Command | The Runway (    Eliot Cohen argues that the best geo-strategic outcomes are achieved when the military is subjected to effective political control. Cohen examines Lincoln, Clemenceau, Churchill and Ben Gurion to support his case.