Frankie J. Costa, Jr, describes how he learned important management techniques from observing how technicians organised their work.


In this article, Frankie Costa Jr  notes the skills and strategies he learnt from technicians, as follows:
  1. Be comfortable with ambiguity. Avoid being over-reliant on facts and figures and overanalysing data—the market is ambiguous and unpredictable and therefore cannot always be represented in spreadsheets.
  2. Know when to think fast: Think fast to triage the most urgent symptoms of a problem, then slow down to find the long-term solution.
  3. Patience. Patience helps to avoid solving the same problem twice. Employees can gain a sense of accomplishment from taking their time to optimise the task, instead of cutting corners.
  4. Creativity. Employing the obvious solutions are rarely the most effective. Time-saving solutions can lead to creative thinking.


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