A poll of public servants has revealed the most important things they believe impact their lives and careers.


Based on a recent poll of Australian public servants, the Mandarin lists ten things that public servants believe most affects them:

48.8% are working longer hours.

51.1% said empathy is an essential characteristic of a public servant.

60.1% of respondents said the pandemic sparked new interest in joining the public service.

67.7% of people claimed that their department was at least average in supporting diversity and inclusion.

70% of respondents said they missed socialising with colleagues and the separation between work and home due to many people Working From Home. 

76.4% believe their organisation support the mental health of its employees.

79.4% noted significant challenges and advocated their organisation needed to change.

80% said their department was busier than ever. 

82.3% said their organisation was behind on digital transformation.

91.9% suggested dedicating at least a few hours each month to learning.


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