We may have heard the saying ‘actions speak louder than words; so according to this Forbes article, putting your words into action will make you much more credible as a leader.


Without credibility, it’s almost impossible to be a successful leader. At its core, ethical credibility is about integrity and trustworthiness. Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. And the decision to follow your ideas or vision often revolves around your credibility. So how do you build credibility? And how can you establish the kind of credibility that will advance your career? Chris Westfall writing in Forbes, says top performers create new results, here is how: 

  1. The Past Doesn’t Create the Future: The Past is useful only when it helps us predict the future. 
    • The experience that makes credibility isn’t the experience of the Past; it’s the experience you’re creating right now.
  2. Nothing to Prove, But a Commitment to Demonstrate: Arrogance is a spectacularly horrible recipe for credibility
    • The strategy of self-expectation is built on unearned confidence. 
    • Lying to yourself and believing your lies isn’t an effective strategy for establishing credibility.
  3. How to Answer the ‘Can I Trust This Person?’ Question: Don’t turn to the Past to establish credibility. 
    • Even if someone at work is making things difficult for you, credible leaders rise above circumstances.
    • Taking necessary and effective action amid tough times is the mark of competence and credibility.
  4. Speak in the Language of Creation: Language is evident all around us, but actions speak louder than words
    • The language of creation is the language of action. 
    • Doing what you say you will do is central to establishing your credibility. 
    • If you want to create faith in your abilities as a leader, start demonstrating your capabilities.
    •  And remember, integrity is shown every time your actions and words align.



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