This article strongly recommends that you do not keep any personal data on a work computer, tablet or phone—work devices should only be used for work.


Former IT professional Bill Detwiler warns about the dangers of mixing your work and personal tech devices. Detwiler says that even simple tasks such as sending personal emails from your work device could come back to bite you. He says that more hazardous activities, such as storing sensitive company data on your personal devices, can have serious consequences. He uses the case of former CIA Director John M. Deutch. After leaving the CIA, Deutch was allowed to keep his government computer because it contained his personal financial information, and at the time (1996), Deutch didn't own a personal computer. Later the CIA noticed that Deutch's computer contained classified information; further, this information might have been compromised as various family members had used Deutch's computer. Deutch was charged with a breach of security, but he received a Presidential pardon. However, this whole incident caused Deutch and his family a lot of worries.