Australia is geographically well placed to undertake the space domain awareness (SDA) mission—which could become a significant task and capability for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).


This article by Malcolm Davis, writing for ASPI, makes the following points:
  • Australia has long provided suitable land as part of Five Eyes intelligence-sharing and the 2014 Combined Space Operations initiative.
  • The continent lies directly beneath launch trajectories from Chinese launch sites and can monitor activities out to geosynchronous equatorial orbit—35,786 kilometres from earth.
  • Australia’s sparsely populated inland offers skies, essentially free from light pollution.
  • SDA is part of the ADF’s Operation Dyurra, which integrates space capabilities, services and effects into broader operations.
  • Defence is seeking to expand sovereign SDA capabilities with a significant project. The first tranche will include the introduction of a telescope.
  • SDA also provides opportunities for Australian companies to contribute to ADF capability.


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