Australia's Defence Strategic Review (DSR) is a significant overhaul of the country's defence posture to become self-reliant amid the challenges posed by the "missile age" in modern conflict and China's military build-up. The DSR focuses on investing in long-range missiles, forging new defence partnerships in the Indo-Pacific, and aims to address strategic challenges centered on air and sea in the Indo-Pacific region.


Dr Ashok Sharma in an analysis of the Defence Refor the Australian Institute of International Affairs, makes the following points:

  • Australia's Defence Strategic Review aims to overhaul its defence posture to become more self-reliant due to the "missile age" in modern conflict.
  • The focus is on investing in long-range missiles, precision strike capabilities, and strengthening defence relationships with like-minded countries in the Indo-Pacific to counter China's dominance.
  • Closer defence ties have been forged with traditional allies and new partners like Japan and India.
  • More funding is allocated to long-range missiles for security deterrence, prioritizing them over the army's land-based role.



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