The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) was vital in supporting Allied forces during WW2, which involved sinking enemy submarines, supporting land operations and providing vitally important convoy escorts.


  1. Australian ships escorted troopships bringing reinforcements to Singapore and then helped with their evacuation.
  2. HMAS Perth and the USS Houston were lost in the Battle of Sunda Strait.
  3. HMA Ships Australia and Hobart were part of the Battle of the Coral Sea.
  4. The RAN supported operations around Papua New Guinea, sank Japanese submarines, and supported Australian troop landing at Tarakan, Brunei, and Balikpapan.
  5. The RAN’s peak strength was 39,650 personnel (2,176 casualties) and approximately 337 vessels, including 60 locally built Bathurst Class corvettes.
Editor’s Note; In 1942, HMAS Armidale, was lost while supporting commando operations in Timor.  Ordinary Seaman Edward 'Teddy' Sheean was awarded a Victoria Cross for his actions. A current Collins Class submarine is named in his honour.