Parenting tech-savvy children has never been more challenging, but there is help available to enable parents to guide their kids toward making good online choices.


When it comes to kids interacting online, all sorts of things can go wrong. It’s up to us to teach our children smart online habits to help them make the right choices when left alone. This PCMag article outlines ten key points to help teach your kids about online safety, security and privacy:
  • The internet is forever.
  • Phishing is a personal attack, but you don’t have to be a victim.
  • Don’t ignore patches and updates.
  • Nothing is truly free on the internet.
  • Go easy on the screen-time limits.
  • Encourage learning online, but also learn to research information sources.
  • Change is constant, so talk about it.
  • Respect your tech-savvy kids.
  • Encourage creativity online.
  • Take it all offline for a while.
The article covers each point in detail to help parents better navigate their kids through this online world.