COVID19 has resulted in uncertainty for many employees, and those affected need stability, trust, compassion and, a clear plan of action from their leaders.


2020 bought nearly all of us a myriad of difficulties that, for some, have made it the most challenging time of their careers.
To alleviate some of their fears and provide the support they need, Jim Clifton believes that a leader needs to give their employees the following four things;
  1. Hope. They need to know that there is a clear plan of action.
  2. Stability. Ensuring that employees have the resources needed and their priorities are reset as required.
  3. Trust. Deliver accurate and timely information, even if it is negative. Trust is easily lost if they think leaders are hiding something from them. Communication is key.
  4. Compassion. Since the pandemic began, life for many people has changed significantly; working from home, home-schooling children, and the associated pressures and problems have created considerable stress on a significant scale. Leaders need to know their people and their situations to direct them to the support mechanisms they need.