When the Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton made the opening speech at the Air and Space Conference, he also took the opportunity to launch Australia's new Space Command.


In his speech, Peter Dutton noted the following:
  • The 150-plus international guests included air and space force chiefs, or their representatives, from around the globe.
  • The 'terrible conflict' in Ukraine and China's rapid militarization and strategy of coercion meant it was vital we reinforced 'hard power.
  • While Space is primarily a civil domain, it will eventually take on greater military significance. 
  • However, Space is a domain that nations should use to deter aggression rather than become a new realm for conflict.
  • Air Vice Marshal Cath Roberts has been appointed head of the Defence Space Command.
  • Mr Dutton also used his address to note the release of Australia's Defence Space Strategy.


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