This ASPI article argues that Australia and New Zealand should be helping their Pacific neighbours to access space capabilities.


Khwezi Nkwayana argues that despite the benefits of having access to space technology, only large wealthy nations can access this technology. Nkwanyana thinks that Australia and New Zealand should be assisting their Pacific Island neighbours to build space capabilities that benefit the island nations themselves—rather than being built to prevent countries such as China from gaining influence in the region. Nkwanyana makes the following points:

  • Having access to space technology would assist Pacific island states in monitoring extreme weather events.
  • Having autonomous space capabilities would allow these nations to benefit economically.
  • Australia’s relatively small space sector generates about $4.8 billion and employs more than 10,000 people.
  • Australia and New Zealand are well suited to help build space capabilities in our region—and have a strategic interest in doing so'.
  • Scholarships and education programs should be offered to help create pathways for Pacific representatives to develop space-oriented expertise.
  • Having joint space operations might help promote Pacific regionalism’.