The recently appointed Chief of Staff USAF Gen. Brown gave a keynote address that provided some pointers as to his priorities for the USAF.


Gen Charles Q. Brown started his address by noting that though we cannot predict the future, we can, however, help to shape the future. Gen Brown stated that the world is changing and that there is a risk that the US could lose in a great power competition. Further, he said that we need to look at the USAF and work out what needs to change. He also noted that COVID had forced the AF to update its information systems sooner than intended. Gen Brown made it quite clear that his first order of action was Airmen as they were the USAF’s most valuable resource. He also stressed that the USAF needs to build leaders that can be trusted at all levels of command. Reading this article should give you a better understanding as to what the new chief of the air force of our closest ally, the USA, stands for.