It’s no secret that sleep apnoea can cause serious sleep problems for sufferers, but an ongoing Australian study is investigating the impacts sleep apnoea has on the brain while subjects are awake.


This article by Sophie Scott, writing for ABC-Australia, makes the following points:
  • Sleep apnoea causes repeated and severe breathing problems while sleeping.
  • Approximately as many as one-quarter of women and half of the men over 50 have sleep apnoea.
  • Symptoms include poor-quality sleep, loud snoring, gasping for air, dry mouth and headaches on waking, poor concentration, irritability, depression and anxiety.
  • Obesity is a risk factor.
  • It is thought that sleep apnoea can even lead to dementia.
  • An ongoing study being conducted at Sydney's Woolcock Institute is uncovering new insights into the brains of people with sleep apnoea.
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