The WW1 German victory over The Soviet Union (Russian) in the Battle of Tannenberg weakened Russia leading to Russia's eventual defeat in 1918.


This article by Oxana Nagornaja in the International Encylopedia of the First World War (1914-1918) online makes the following points:
  • The WW1 Schlieffen Plan decreed that most of Germany's forces initially be deployed against France.
  • Just one army would conduct a holding operation against Russia.
  • Unexpectedly two Russian armies advanced into East Prussia and won the Battle of Gumbinnen.
  • Two German divisions were now redeployed to the Eastern Front.
  • The Germans under the command of General Von Hindenberg were victorious in the Battle of Tannenberg due to luck and poor Russian coordination and leadership.
  • The 95,000 Russian prisoners and 25,000 killed badly undermined Russian morale.


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