This article explains the motivational and strategic differences between life-long learning and skill-seeking.


Life-long learning is a phrase we hear regularly. In this modern age, most of us accept that as the world continues to evolve, so must we. But in this article The Big Difference Between Lifelong Learners And Skill-Seekers, Brandon Busteed asserts that not everyone is interested in committing to life-long learning. He says the concept of such a commitment frightens some people. Busteed states there are two distinct types of learners with different motivations—those who have a natural love for learning and intellectual fulfilment and those who have a particular goal: getting a better job or higher wages. Despite the calls to become life-long learners, Busteed says many people would prefer to focus on ‘skill seeking. Busteed argues that this a far more pragmatic and palatable approach for most people looking to advance their careers.