Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, has completed a Pacific islands tour in China’s continuing quest for regional influence.


This article by John Garrick and Yan C. Bennett, writing for ASPI, makes the following points:
  • Wang visited the Solomon Islands to finalise a new security agreement.
  • And visited other Pacific Island countries to establish good relations with them.
  • Not all went smoothly on the tour, but the Chinese Communist Party will undoubtedly learn from its failed attempt at achieving a multilateral Pacific deal.
  • Beijing is offering investment through private capital and Chinese enterprise investment and is proposing new security arrangements, including cybersecurity.
  • Wang’s proposals would give China a larger footprint in the Pacific, challenging the regional forums that currently defend international law.
  • One of Beijing’s aims is to convert those Pacific islands’ that recognise Taiwan and get them to recognise China instead.
  • Another objective relates simply to China’s dream of Pacific expansion—which benefits China.


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Source: Strategist (ASPI)