The Solomon Islands doesn’t have any real external threats, so allowing China to base military assets onshore—makes the Solomons a potential focus of geopolitical competition between the USA and China.


In this article by Robert Iroga in the Solomon Business Magazine, Solomon Islands Opposition Leader Hon Matthew Wale, MP, makes the following points concerning the Solomon’s-China Security Agreement:
  • The secrecy around the agreement carries grave risks for the Solomon Islands.
  • Part of the political struggle between the islands of Malaita and Guadalcanal.
  • Transparency about the deal with China is essential.
  • RAMSI demonstrates that regional security platforms are the most effective way of dealing with unrest.
  • The Solomon Islands faces internal threats, not external ones.
  • Recent riots were the result of some of some the following:
  1.  Internal discontent.
  2. Poor governance and high levels of corruption.
  3. Economic marginalization.
  4.  High unemployment.
  5. Poor government services such as healthcare and education.
  6. Exploitive industries.
  7. The influence of Logging companies on the government can result in preferential treatment for these companies.


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Source Information:  Solomon Business Magazine online