Modern conflicts have highlighted one important aspect of modern warfare—the use of drones for both surveillance and punitive action. India’s dependence on other countries for drones is slowly making way for indigenous systems.


This article by Suchet Vir Singh, writing for The Print, makes the following points:
  • In the Russia-Ukraine conflict, drones have played a central role for both reconnaissance and attack purposes.
  • An increased focus on drone technologies by India comes amid their enhanced centrality in conflicts around the world.
  • A high-altitude India-made drone is being used for reconnaissance at the tense Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China.
  • The Indian Army Aviation Corps is now optimising the use of drones.
  • While industry remains bullish on India’s drone manufacturing capacity, certain hindrances remain, including creating a skilled workforce and the development of software technologies that make drones function.


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