Can you believe there’s a right and a wrong way to hold your phone? Apparently there is. If you rest your phone on your pinkie, while your thumb does all the scrolling, then read on.


This article by Sarah Showfety, writing for Lifehacker, makes the following points:
  • While the one-handed claw is seemingly the most convenient way to grip your device, it could be damaging your wrist and aggravating your ulnar nerve (see the full article to learn what the ulnar nerve is).
  • You may already be familiar with the term ‘smartphone finger’—also known as texting tendinitis, texting thumb, and gamer’s thumb—but it seems we now also must contend with ‘smartphone pinkie’.
  • Staring at our phones for long periods is unnatural and damaging. But if you do spend long periods on your phone, and you want to learn how to do it a little more safely, see the full article link below.


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