Border disputes with China and growing trust in the United States have made India an enthusiastic supporter of the QUAD.


The Quad consists of Australia, India, Japan, and the United States. It began in 2008, declined and re-emerged in 2017. This article makes the following points:

  • Once only a lukewarm member, India is now a strong supporter of the QUAD due to rivalry with China and scepticism of Russia. 

  • India has resisted pressure from China and Russia to withdraw from the QUAD.

  • Indian support has remained consistent through both the Trump and Biden administrations.

  • QUAD leaders meet regularly in person.

QUAD discussions include the following:

  • Naval exercises.

  • Pandemic response and vaccines.

  • Climate change. 

  • Supply chains.

  • Maritime security and an open Indo-Pacific.

  • A Quad-Plus group (including New Zealand, South Korea and Vietnam) has been formed to coordinate responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

India is becoming more supportive of the QUAD for the following reasons: