This article provides advice and tips on how to prepare for your first marathon.


Many of us have considered running a marathon, but the thought of running 42 kilometres for 'fun' can be a little overwhelming. And besides, if we don't have a sabre-toothed tiger chasing us, what's the point, right? Despite the distance involved, many people aspire to run a marathon but aren't sure where to start. In this articleHousnia Shams talks to Shona Stephenson about how she went from being a new mum to being a mum and a marathon runner. Shams also interviews a sports scientist and an exercise physiologist who give tips on preparation and diet. This article provides helpful advice on such things as:
  • Getting a medical clearance before starting.
  • Diet.
  • Motivation.  
  • Tips on how to begin and train for a marathon.
Looking back to 2007—her first marathon—Stephenson said: 
'I finished the race, but I couldn't walk for three days.'