South Korea's new president-elect Yoon Suk Yeol won the election by less than one percentage point—in his campaign, he promised to take a tougher stance with North Korea.


This CNN article makes the following points:
  • Yoon is a newcomer to politics and will face many challenges when he replaces liberal incumbent President Moon Jae-in in the Blue House on May 10.
  • Threats from North Korea are high on the agenda. 
  • Yoon will also have his hands full with domestic issues, such as a growing 'gender war' and surging Covid-19 cases see:   South Korea's poisonous gender politics a test for next president 
  • Much of Yoon's campaign focused on his promise to take a tough stance on North Korea—a departure from Moon's peaceful reconciliation approach.
  • Yoon has slammed the Democratic Party's 'subservient North Korea policy' and has promised to build up South Korea's military, even hinting he would launch a pre-emptive strike if required.


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