For more than 70 years, China has been a major concern for the Indian security establishment. There are valid reasons for this concern, including the humiliating Indian defeat in 1962, which continues to haunt the country.


This article by Rajiv Dogra, writing for The Print, makes the following points:
  • For centuries, China had remained a distant, slightly mystifying neighbour.
  • But this changed dramatically in 1950 when the Chinese invaded Tibet.
  • India and China currently have the most significant territorial dispute in the world, covering an area the size of North Korea.
  • If India and China were friends, the shape of their region would be vastly different—and be more developed, with flourishing regional trade. 
  • But they are not friends and are unlikely to be so anytime in the near future.
  • The road ahead could test India at multiple levels.
  • Critics assert that Indian policy may sound reasonable but fails in implementation.
  • India matters to Australia as it is an important member of the QUAD see: 
       The Quad in the Indo-Pacific: What to Know | Council on Foreign Relations (


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