Being open and honest about your emotions can help create a closer bond with your team and encourage them to do the same.


Now more than ever, leaders are struggling with anxieties and other sorts of emotions. So what’s the best way to handle these internal struggles at work? This article’s authors argue that the best leaders are ‘sharers’ because sharing builds empathy between leaders and employees. In addition, opening up in front of your team helps you connect more deeply with team members. Here are some tips to help you do that:

Self-reflect: You can’t effectively share your emotions until you begin to recognize them yourself.

Start small: Building a more open and honest relationship with your co-workers doesn’t happen overnight and can backfire if you share too much too soon.

Plan your disclosures: Share your emotions productively. Aimless venting can produce adverse outcomes.

Model effective emotion regulation: Sharing your emotions can help others learn to manage better their own emotions based on how you handle yours.

Negative emotions are a fact of life. However, effective leaders openly acknowledge the challenges they face and invite their employees to do the same.


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