Wellbeing involves health, happiness and prosperity—Honah Liles tells you how much you need to maintain emotional and physical wellbeing.


This article is based on the USA but is probably applicable to most prosperous countries. In this article, Honah argues that you need sufficient income to meet your basic needs, housing, food, and health care. You also need enough money to enjoy experiences such as travel and to be able to develop social ties. This article does make the point that individual circumstances do vary and where you live matters. However, if you can financially take care of yourself and your family; then generally you can expect to enjoy good mental and physical health. However, higher incomes do not always improve a person's emotional wellbeing. Working long hours to earn extra money could be detrimental to yours and your family's overall wellbeing. Once your basic needs have been met, it is the development of close relationships that contribute to an individual being able to maintain emotional wellbeing throughout their life.