There is an ongoing debate about the submarine capability gap Australia faces as we potentially wait decades for nuclear-powered submarines. A group of former senior navy personnel say acquiring a new Collins-based submarine is the best option.


This article by Tory Shepherd, writing for The Guardian, makes the following points:

  • Defence Minister Richard Marles says that dealing with the capability gap is his top priority, and he has an open mind about how to deal with it.
  • Four respected defence experts have written to the defence department and Mr Marles to argue that a new submarine based on the existing Collins class is the ‘best fit’.
  • The four former senior naval officers argue that conventional subs could be in the water by 2032.
  • The first nuclear-powered submarines being planned under the AUKUS agreement are unlikely to be operational before 2040.

Learn more about how retired senior navy offices think the submarine capability gap can be managed.


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