The 19 – 20th Century concept of Navalism where a blue water fleet is seen as a symbol of national prestige—seems to be making a comeback.


The Great Game referred to a 19th Century competition between Russia and the U.K. where both vied for regional influence in Asia. This article argues that today there is another Great Game, this time between, India, Russia, China, and the U.S. all of whom appear to be competing for regional maritime influence. Russia has naval bases in Port Sudan and Syria and dominates the Black Sea. China has a base in Djibouti. Both Russia and China also exercise in the Indo-Pacific, Baltic and Mediterranean. India has increased defence spending and is modernising its navy. Japan’s Maritime Self-Defence Force now reaches into the Indian Ocean as well as East Asia. Nations such as Australia, South Korea and Taiwan are all working together, to improve interoperability with the USN. However, worth considering the impact of hypersonic weapons, see  The Pentagon Plans to Deploy An Arsenal Of Hypersonic Weapons. Think about how military capability can contribute to both security and national prestige.