This article, noting recent research, argues that people who fall for pseudoscience don’t bother to search for evidence when reaching a conclusion about what is being claimed.


In this Dec 21 article, Ross Pomeroy from Real Clear Science makes the following points about ‘pseudoscience’:

  • Strong belief in the paranormal is linked to a reduced tendency to examine the evidence.
  • Pseudoscience is defined as products, practices and beliefs that claim to be based on verifiable scientific research—but in reality, are not.
  • Pomeroy notes that the research was based on female university students categorised as Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic (WEIRD).
  • Henrich, a Harvard academic, argues that being WEIRD makes you more analytical.
  • Pomeroy notes that the research might still be helpful as it indicates a link between holding paranormal beliefs and an unwillingness to examine evidence that might prove your beliefs wrong.


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