The Australian Government is spending $747 million to develop military training areas in the Northern Territory deemed suitable for international training and exercises.


Increasing tensions between Australia, the US, and China have led to the planned upgrade of four ADF Bases/sites in the Northern Territory (NT). The four bases are;
Due to the location of the NT to the Asia-Pacific region, it is considered an important area for combined Australia-US military training and exercises.
The upgrades of the new bases will include weapons ranges, military aircraft facilitates and urban operations facilities to simulate real-life war scenarios. These upgrades will vastly improve the ADF’s current access to suitable military training areas and weapons ranges. Some members of the local communities have highlighted noise concerns regarding military aircraft and weapons being used in the area. They have also have questioned what benefit the Marines would bring to the region. This year 2200 US Marines have arrived in Darwin as part of the Marine Rotational Force program.