Chief of U.S. Space Operations Gen. Raymond focussed on the importance of partnerships—'I'm going to really work hard on cultivating partnerships,' he said, citing among others Australia.


To date, the USA Space Force has signed a memorandum of understanding with Japan and Norway. Gen. Raymond noted that the U.S. wants to train, exercise and wargame with its partners. Raymond also focused on the need to establish closer ties with the commercial sector. He said industry was vital as it was working towards 'autonomous launches and reusable rocket stages'. Further, the U.S. Space Force needed to capitalize on what the private sector was doing. Raymond made an important point when he said that the 'U.S. has no desire to weaponize space'. He went on to say that the goal of Space Force was to 'deter conflict from beginning or extending into space,'. Given Australia's geographic position think about the advantages to both Australia and the U.S. in developing a strong partnership regarding space operations.


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