Western Australia looks set to welcome clean, green flying machines to its skies.


Perth-based start-up plans to have flying taxis in the air within five years. FlyOnE revealed it had signed a memorandum of understanding with Dutch manufacturer ELECTRON Aerospace for 28 electric five-seater aircraft. Key points:

  • The first delivery is expected in 2026.
  • FlyOnE plans to offer charter flights and hopes to be operating all aircraft on a new zero-emissions aviation network across Western Australia.
  • The state’s large mining industry is seen as a key potential customer.
  • FlyOnE says a national expansion could follow.
  • The ‘Electron 5’ electric planes retail for around $1.6 million and can fly 750 kilometres on a single charge.
  • The company says its service will be more of an ‘on-demand, almost chauffeur-style air service’ than a commercial airline.
  • Pricing for the charter flights hasn’t yet been decided. 
  • Given the lower operating costs of small electric planes and their green credentials, they are likely to be the way of the future.
  • The company believes WA is the ideal place to launch the business due to demand from the mining sector, claiming Perth made up more than a third of all non-scheduled air traffic in 2019. 
  • FlyOnE Chief executive Korum Ellis said the growing green energy sector should provide opportunities to offer re-charging facilities for small electric planes.


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