This article consulted IT experts, researchers, scientists, engineers, and futurists to understand what the internet might look like in 50 years.


The people interviewed in this article make the following predictions:
  • Gone will be keyboards, the mouse, and screens; real-time information will be present for everything. 
  • People will subscribe to different augmentations as we subscribe to magazines.
  • Invisible implants will replace earbuds.
  •  Augmented reality glasses will interact with their environment. For example, information will be displayed as a hologram.
  •  You only have to think, and the brain interface will perform the task for you.
  • Verbal and auditory communications will replace typing messages.
  •  Instead of learning new languages, we will install a translation app that live-translates our speech.
  • Small gestures and gaze tracking will allow us to communicate and interact with our environment more dynamically than vocalisations.
  • 'Sub-vocal' inputs that sense words you are about to say and action them without voicing them aloud.
  •  Installing controller devices in your mouth that let you click or tongue inputs, silently and invisibly.
  •  So-called "push advertising" will be replaced by a "pull" in the form of a virtual shopping assistant.