In a demonstration of China's growing strength and blue water capabilities, it has recently launched a 'big deck' aircraft carrier narrowing the capability gap with US' big deck' carriers. However, the USA still has eleven operational aircraft carriers to China's two.


This article by Lyle Goldstein in the Asia Times makes the following points:
  • The  Fujian is China’s 3rd aircraft carrier.
  • Locally built and designed.
  • It uses cutting-edge electromagnetic catapults like USS Ford.
  • Able to operate large and early warning aircraft.
  • Unnecessary to conquer Taiwan.
  • Chinese warships now operate widely, including the Baltic Sea and near Alaska.
  • China already has advanced Type 055 cruisers that provide air and missile defence.
  • Anti-submarine warfare is improving.
  • Chinese carrier groups form an integrated national “combat system” using land-based air or long-range missiles.
  • Modern carriers such as the Fujian need to survive drones, satellite reconnaissance, nuclear submarines or truck-mounted anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCMs)?
  • The US must maintain its submarine advantage and focus on vital national security interests.


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