Sam Shead from CNBC argues that it is clear Ukraine is fiercely resisting the Russian invasion—but fewer people know that Ukrainian coders are also fighting a fierce cyber-war with Russia.


This article by Sam Shead, writing for CNBC, makes the following points:
  • More than 311,000 people have joined a group called ‘IT Army of Ukraine’ on the social media platform, Telegram.
  • Ukraine is one of the biggest software development hubs in Eastern Europe, and its coders are world-renowned.
  • Speaking under anonymity, a Ukrainian software engineer told CNBC the group had helped carry out multiple cyberattacks since the war started. 
  • Targets include Russian government websites, Russian banks and currency exchanges.
  • Nikita, a CEO and co-founder of a cybersecurity firm, told CNBC he had been trying, via messaging services, to tell Russian citizens what was happening in Ukraine, despite tight media controls from Moscow.


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