Working from home may have irrevocably changed the workplace, and the need for the employer to foster their employee’s wellbeing has never been more important.


This article identifies what it considers to be the seven pillars of employee well-being as follows:

Physical Well-being: encompasses exercise, sleep, overall lifestyle, and diet. 

Career Well-being: employers need to offer compensation, opportunities and online training to retain their employees.

Financial Well-being: employers need to take care of their employees financial well being; otherwise, employees might leave to seek better-paid jobs.

Social Well-being: meaningful friendships are a crucial predictor of happiness. It also impacts organisations' bottom line.

Community Well-being: offering employees opportunities to be involved in their local community. 

Emotional Well-being: mental health is a priority as its benefits positively affect both worker and organisational performance. 

Purpose-Driven Well-being: employees want to work for a company whose values match their own. 


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