While organ transplants are often discussed, poo transplants are not. Yet this awkward topic could actually help the quality of life for many people living with a mental health disorder.


This article by Belinda Smith, writing for ABC-Australia, makes the following points:
  • A recently published case study showed that people with bipolar disorder found their symptoms drastically improved after receiving faecal microbiota transplantation—or poo transplants.
  • Our intestines contain trillions of bacteria and other bugs.
  • It's thought that imbalances in the gut can contribute to diseases, including those affecting mental health.
  • A faecal transplant involves taking faecal matter from a donor and mixing it with a solution, then transplanting it into a patient's gut.
  • It has been discovered that poo transplants can ease psychiatric symptoms and other diseases, but there are more questions to be answered before it becomes an approved treatment.


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