India US relations have never been better, and they are important to Australia as they help to balance China’s influence in the Indo-Pacific.



India is an essential component of the US’s Indo–Pacific Strategy that revolves around balancing China’s influence. Trump had a good personal relationship with Indian Prime Minister Modi. The US-India relationship continues to be strengthened by Biden, who has:

  • Had multiple virtual meetings with Modi.
  • Sent his Defence Secretary, Army Chief of Staff, and Commander Special Ops to India.
  • Supported over 60 dialogue mechanisms.
  • Encouraged coalitions (including the Quad) to counter China.
  • Sent his Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to India, who described the US-India relationship as ‘one of the most consequential on earth’.
  • Blinken stressed the need to work together on COVID, climate change, Afghanistan and technology.

Relationship flashpoints are:

Blinken has been diplomatic in raising the question of values and ethics without being seen to be too critical of the Indian government.