In 1995 Bob Williams, the director of the Hubble telescope, decided to use the telescope to point at one small spot for ten days—the Hubble found 3,000 galaxies.


Williams had a hunch that the longer Hubble gazed out in one direction, the more light it would detect. After ten days the Hubble Telescope found approximately 3,000 galaxies from merely looking at one small point of space. Hubble is celebrating its 30th anniversary and is still producing incredible pictures of the cosmos. Judy Schmidt, an amateur astronomer, sifts through collections of Hubble photos taken over the last 30 years. Using modern photo techniques, she cleans these pictures up and makes them available on the internet. She  notes that looking at images of the cosmos can bring about an experience of awe and wonder but in a positive sense as these feelings can also lead to a sense of connectedness with other people. Worth thinking about the implications of people gaining a proper perspective of the place of our earth in the universe.