As we all know, the pandemic brought seismic shifts to how many of us work. For two years, remote work has been the norm and that has brought with it a strong preference to retain the status quo.


This article by Mark C. Perna, writing for Forbes, makes the following points:
  • Rethinking how your organization treats employees who choose to work remotely is more than just the right thing to do—it’s a huge strategic advantage.
  • While many organizations have pivoted to allow remote work, outdated management policies threaten to disadvantage remote workers.
  • Regarding promotions, one of the biggest disadvantages remote workers face is that they are out of sight, and often out of mind.
  • Another factor hurting remote workers is the perception among some managers that those workers may be somehow less motivated than their peers who work in the office.
  • Organizations need to embrace changes that make it easier for remote workers to thrive.


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Source: Forbes