Although marketing and sales lead to revenue, organizations should never downplay the benefits of effective communication and its impact on success.


Communication isn’t usually up there with outcomes such as goals or earnings, but it contributes significantly to staff and client relationships. This article argues there are eight benefits of effective communication. They are:
  1. It promotes trust.
  2. It encourages team member loyalty.
  3. It enhances team member engagement.
  4. It improves teamwork.
  5. It improves productivity.
  6. It fuels innovation.
  7. It resolves issues.
  8. It creates better client relationships.
But what’s the best way to make workplace communications more effective? Start with these two pieces of advice: 
  1. Set up an online communication plan. Organizations should develop and share an internal communication plan that provides team members with a list of currently available communication vehicles and guidance.
  2. Incorporate communication tools. This can include video conferencing tools, internal messaging/chat and discussion forums. 
Effective communication is critical, and it’s vital to recognize its importance and influence on relationships between team members and between organizations and their customers.


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